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Baby Elephant Sneezes and Scares Himself

Short and sweet animal video of a baby elephant sneezing and scaring himself. Sounds awfully similar to my SAT experience in high school where I sneezed so loudly everyone was disrupted from their exam and I was reprimanded by the faculty…whoops.


Best Friends Best Friends 2

chico parents

My family is my everything. I didn’t realize this until I got older but now I appreciate them everywhere I go. By the time 5:45am rolls around, when my morning alarm is going off, I already have a good morning text from my parents wishing me the best day yet.

My dad is the comedian of the family. He rises at the crack of dawn every morning because he is most productive before everyone else is up and about. When I was in the 6th grade, he went through a rap/hip-hop phase and always spoke about the crush he had on Jennifer Lopez, who at the time went by the name “J-Lo”. This resulted in him requesting that we all call him Bro. So, the name stuck, and to this day my immediate family and friends call him Bro. He then told my mother that she should be his Princess Bro, so every email and text they send each other will be “Dear P-Bro……, Bro”. Which brings me to text messages and my dad’s own lingo. They’re cryptic to everyone else in the world except for my family, which makes it fun.

My mother is the nicest woman I have ever met. She will go to great lengths for anyone and wants the world to be a better place. She is fluent in sign language because she used to teach at Perkins School for the Blind after she graduated from college. She has traveled the world and spent a number of years in Paris, France. I wish I had been around her more growing up, but she was the “outside-parent” and worked for major business companies. She would go on long business trips and come back with Kimonos, dresses from Milan, outfits from Germany; you name it. Addison (my sister) and I were always the finest dressed girls in elementary school and learned so much about culture through my mom’s pictures.

Addison, my older sister, is my best friend. She and I shared a bedroom for my first 12 years (she was 14 when she moved to boarding school) and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  We still share a bedroom when we are home for winter break. She and I share everything and have very different perspectives on the world. Addison is very analytical and logical in her thinking, and I bring the emotional side into every situation. She has always been a big support in my life and I would go as far as saying she is my number one fan. As, of course, I am hers. She has been with me through everything.

My dog deserves some recognition, so I would like to mention that we adopted a rescue Basset Hound 9 years ago and named him Oliver Wendell Holmes. Somewhere in the past 9 years he took on the nickname Chico, but I honestly couldn’t tell you when that began. Chico is more human than animal and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Poor thing is getting old so we must spend his last years loving him unconditionally and taking him on as many car rides as he wants. After my mom got her mini cooper, he has gotten less rides because he is so long that he doesn’t fit in the backseat. He was pretty mad.

My family is notorious for letting friends and family into our home and making them feel like they are a part of the Hunt clan. Every dinner conversation is filled with laughter, good food, and a Google search or two. Just watch out for my dad’s jokes – in order to fit in, you have to dish it right back to him.

If you can’t stand the heat…

One of the perks of Stuvi1: having my first school-year kitchen. I am very excited to become more domestic and learn my way around the kitchen, despite what my teammates believe I am capable of. They tell me I will be making bowls of cereal for the rest of my life with an occasional omelet thrown in when my boyfriend and I get bored. Well, gentlemen, if you’re reading, know that is no longer the case thanks to the Internet.

I was on BuzzFeed the other day (the best website for riveting daily news; things like “26 Times Fall Foliage Went Too Far” and “17 Dogs Who Understand How You Feel About Pizza”) and they recently began a fall theme. After coming across the article “25 Pumpkin Desserts To Eat This Fall” I decided it was time to explore the best parts of every senior’s weekend: baking delicious desserts.

I sent the article to my roommates and all of them agreed upon the Pumpkin Cookie Cups. The recipe called for a number of things that weren’t in my kitchen cabinets, so I had to make a Shaw’s run to get cream cheese, pumpkin puree, ground cloves and cinnamon.

All of the ingredients are now in my refrigerator or cabinets, but I was called away to a core team meeting on Sunday afternoon. Until next weekend, when I’m craving a distraction from studying!